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Chocolate Rush 2011

Chocolate Rush


Chocolate Rush Chocolate Festival was created for you to learn everything you always wanted to know about chocolate and so much more! Chocolate Rush Chocolate Festival is aimed to educate, indulge and challenge your palate!

Latest News

Winners Announced for this year’s Australian Chocolate Championships 2011

Sarah Neill & Megan Vincent

Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate

16 Moulded Chocolates

Damien Parcineau


16 Enrobed/Hand Dipped Chocolates

Stefaan Van Nunen

Van Nunen Chocolates

16 Competitors Choice

Jonathan Lee

Patisserie 7/1

12 Commercial Chocolates

Jonathan Lee

Patisserie 7/1

12 Innovative Chocolates

Pascal Pierre-Stephen


Chocolate Showpiece

Mica Benito


People’s Choice Award

Jonathan Lee

Patisserie 7/1

Australian Chocolate Champion 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners and thank you to all that entered the competition this year. Keep an eye out over the coming days for images of our winning entrants.

A Big Thank You to Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School for supporting this year’s Australia Chocolate Championships.

Winners Announced for CHOCFEST 2011

Judges Choice Award went to Director David Fredlein for 29 Days Later

People’s Choice Award went to Director Stephen Ramplin for Hooked on Chocolate

CONGRATULATIONS to David and Stephen for their winning entries – we will be showing these entries on our webiste in the coming days – so stay tuned.

A Big Thank You to Thrashcams and Open Channel for supporting ChocFest 2011.